Photos — the printed kind — can be treasured for years

To the editor:

I would like to compliment and thank the contributors for such a lovely series of articles and pictures of letters sent home to loved ones from those serving their country in World War II (Nov. 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11).

The photographs that were featured were such timeless tributes to the bond of a loving family. How sweet to see pictures of a mother cradling her child, a smiling, happy family or a handsome serviceman.

In those times of war, a penned noted was more precious than almost anything. And to have a photograph, well, that was a treasure! A printed image of a loved one could connect hearts and lives separated by miles and continents.

Sadly, hardly anyone composes letters or writes notes in cursive these days. And I fear a whole generation will not know what they or their families looked like because pictures are mostly snapped quickly on cellphones and then they are never printed out into hard copies or stored properly. When digital information is lost or misfiled, all these images are forever gone, lost in cyberspace.

Everyone is too busy for their own good, but make the effort and take time to capture your precious family or your children in photographs. Then, make prints and frame them, display them, enjoy them, treasure them.

There are many professional and amateur photographers in this area. Call one of them to arrange the creation of a beautiful, meaningful photograph that will become a keepsake of the times of your life.

—Susan Baggett

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