Pet owners need to take responsibility for pets

To the editor:

Last Wednesday, while driving down Newton Street across from Walmart, my friend and I witnessed a tiny kitten just a few weeks old being hit by car. I know we have a lot of very responsible, loving pet owners in our area; however, some regard pets as a throwaway commodity that have no feelings. Some just dump their animals in the country or anywhere they feel is OK.

If animals don’t have any feelings or don’t want to live, why after being hit did this poor baby drag its little body off the highway (as fast as it could) with its two front legs because its pelvis and two back legs were crushed? It ended up in a little hole on the ground by the traffic pole.

This senseless tragedy could have been avoided if everyone took care of their animals. Get them spayed or neutered or give them to a loving home or at least if there is no other choice have them humanely euthanized. Because someone didn’t, this poor little baby paid the ultimate price. Shame on you.

Even though this event broke my heart, I was grateful to the Lord for putting us there at this exact moment because this little baby knew the last hour of its life that someone cared and gave it love until the veterinarian could humanely euthanize it.

—Carol Gudorf

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