Patoka Lake stocked with hybrid striped bass

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PATOKA LAKE — Patoka Lake is one of nine lakes across the state that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ hatchery staff is stocking with hybrid striped bass.

Hybrid striped bass, also known as “wipers,” are a hybrid species of white bass and striped bass. By hybridizing the two, hatchery staff is able to produce fish that grow faster and larger than a typical white bass, yet can tolerate a wider range of conditions than pure striped bass.

These fish average between 1-1.5 inches when they are stocked, but can reach sizes averaging 13 inches by their second year.

Hybrid striped bass are known for being a challenging catch, but they also help control undesirable species such as gizzard shad in some Indiana lakes. Hybrid striped bass are typically not capable of reproduction.

The other eight lakes include: Nyona Lake, 1,040 fish; Worster Lake, 3,270 fish; Clare Lake, 420 fish; Lake Shafer, 12,910 fish; Lake Freeman, 15,470 fish; Shadyside Pond, 1,000 fish, Monroe Lake, 53,750 fish, Hardy Lake, 7,000 fish.

Patoka Lake will be stocked with 44,000 hybrid striped bass.

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