Patoka Lake levels to fall below spillway

Photo courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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PATOKA LAKE — Patoka Lake's water levels are expected to fall below the spillway on Saturday, according to a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers press release.

The lake has been at or above its spillway elevation of 548 feet since June 18. It has been elevated most of the year due to heavy rains in the region, with 47 inches of rain recorded at the Patoka Lake dam since Jan.

When the lake goes below its spillway elevation, the releases will be lowered to allow the downstream river levels to recede. The lake level will recede very slowly while following the authorized operating plan of targeting a 9 foot stage at the USGS gauge in Jasper,. Should additional heavy rain raise the lake level over the spillway crest again, discharges from the reservoir will be increased, possibly to levels seen over the past week.

Corps staff have been performing increased surveillance and monitoring the dam to ensure its safety. No concerns of the integrity of the dam have been observed and it is structurally sound and operating as designed.

If you reside or own property along low lying areas adjacent to the Patoka River please keep aware of weather forecasts and associated river levels that could impact you. Areas around the lake shoreline are impacted because of the increased level of the lake with the swimming beach areas being closed and limiting other recreational access points. The lake level will be elevated for the entire summer season.

The Corps is working with local and state emergency operation managers in efforts to keep people affected by this situation safe and informed.

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