Passover 2020 is meant to be a year of perfect spiritual vision

To the editor:

Although the Sunday following the full moon after the Spring Equinox has been set aside to celebrate Easter each year, if you are a member of a teaching church you already know that "Passover" is always on the 14th day following the first new moon after the Spring Equinox. This means the Biblical Passover is on Wednesday, April 8 this year.

I am a Christian so why do I say Passover and not Easter?

The Hebrew word Pecach is in the Old Testament 48 times and each time it is properly translated to English as "Passover." The Greek word Pascha is in the New Testament 29 times and it is properly translated to English as "Passover" every time except in Acts 12:4 where it is mistranslated to English as "Easter."

Easter is a heathen term derived from the Saxon fertility goddess Eastre. Easter, originally a pagan festival in which sacrifices were offered to their goddess Eastre, took place around the time of Passover each year. By the eighth century, the term "Easter" was erroneously adopted in an effort to attract pagans into the church.

In the King James version of the Old Testament, during the original Passover (Exodus chapter 12), Israel was told to put the blood of a perfect sacrificial lamb on their door posts and lintel and to stay indoors so that the Lord would "pass over" them so that they would not perish.

In the New Testament, Christ was that perfect, unblemished lamb, and when He died on the cross, He became our Passover (not our Easter) (1 Corinthians 5:7).

During this time of Passover 2020, as the number implies, it is meant to be a year of perfect spiritual vision. So regardless of the day you celebrate, as you symbolically place the blood of the lamb (Christ) over your doors and remain in your homes so that the Lord will "pass over" your home and protect you against COVID-19, use this as an opportunity to renew and strengthen your relationship with your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Remember, God is in control!

—Patricia Crain


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