Partnership turns recyclables into Tri-Cap funds

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Jasper Salvage has partnered with Tri-Cap to raise funds for the nonprofit organization with the help of local residents and their recyclable goods.

Residents may bring their items to Jasper Salvage at 610 S. Clay St. and donate the cash they would have received for them to Tri-Cap.

“People do want to help and there are clients who would like to give back and don’t have any other means to do it,” Joyce Fleck, executive director of Tri-Cap, said. “If you have any of these recyclable things on hand, you can turn that into cash for Tri-Cap. Take it to Jasper Salvage and turn it into something good for somebody else instead of letting it sit.”

Jasper Salvage accepts numerous items, varying from aluminum cans and batteries to refrigerators and car parts. Janet Judd, co-owner of the company, said it will add 2 cents for each pound of aluminum cans donated and will send that money to Tri-Cap. Other money earned from salvage items also can be directed to Tri-Cap at the customer’s request and the company will send Tri-Cap a monthly check.

“Who knows if it will make much money, but every penny, every little bit counts,” Fleck said.

The money raised will be used to supplement grant funding for Tri-Cap’s programs, which include housing, health and education services.

“This is all local,” Fleck said. “The money is staying right here.”

Fleck got the idea when she heard about Operation HOPE — Helping Out People Everywhere — which works with Jasper Salvage in the same way to raise money for Florida-based international charity Food For The Poor.

“It’s a really great idea,” Fleck said. “It’s a win-win, I think. I wish we could find more partnerships like this.”

Judd said the new program for nonprofit organizations is unique.

“I don’t know of any other salvage company that does it,” she said. “We don’t profit from it. We just do it because we think it’s a good thing. It goes to a good organization.”

Any nonprofit can ask Jasper Salvage to start the same kind of partnership.

“We don’t have a problem doing it for anybody,” Judd said.  “It’s no trouble at all.”

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