Part 2: Weisheits are avid deer hunters

Reagan Weisheit

Special to The Herald

Part 2

Since I’m not a deer hunter, this column I more than happily turn over to a deer hunting family, the Weisheits. If you read the last one, you know that Preston and Alyssa Weisheit are very big into the sport, and they have passed that fire along to their kids. First Preston has some comments, and then Reagan, the eldest, tells her story. Next time, Alyssa and the two younger boys get their turns.

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“I remember very well what may have been the best lesson I could have ever learned about deer hunting and being a dad came from my 8-year-old boy. My son Reese and I were hunting from a large box blind overlooking a food plot waiting for “the big one” on a cold November morning. In between lookouts, we played a game of cards to pass the time, and I showed him how to properly set his binoculars. After an hour of waiting, I could see in his face that there was some action in the field. Four does had arrived, each bigger than the other. As we slid the window back, he reminded me that he was on top of things and went through all the proper safety checks.

“With one pull from the trigger of his new rifle, the big deer fell in its spot. You would’ve thought the super bowl was just won. We had a big celebration. With everything calming down, we hopped out of the blind and began our trek across the field to look the harvest over. About 20 feet from the deer, he happily said, ‘Yeah, and I think I even saw some small antlers on it too.’ I froze in front of it, terribly upset that he would have wasted his one buck tag on what looked to be a three-inch spike buck.

“As I started to work up a scolding speech about waiting for a good buck, a big buck, the right buck, he swung around the deer, grabbed the three-inch antlers and said, ‘Get my picture, Dad. I can’t wait to show everyone my buck.’

“It was at that point I remembered what it was like to be a kid and to be hunting with others. It wasn’t the size of the deer or the rack. It was the experience of doing it with me and that is what he would remember. I was embarrassed with myself for almost ruining a big moment. That’s why I keep his picture among my collection so that I don’t lose sight of the bigger picture again.

“Each of us in the house has our favorite deer story or first deer story. I wish I could say I was there for each of them, but I wasn’t. Deer hunting is a group event in our family. With three of the five kids old enough to hunt, my wife and brother-in-law have been on many of these first hunts and shared in the same smiling face that I have. It’s very rewarding to pass something on to the next generation that you are passionate about, and I hope my kids will do the same. The older three are now ages 7 to 11. I hope you enjoy their short stories as much as we did creating the memories with them.”

Reagan, 11, sixth-grader at Jasper Middle School:

“When most people think of hunting they think of it as being scary, but if you’ve been it’s a lot of fun! Here’s my story of when I got my first deer, after being scared to go for a long time.

“After waiting so long I finally got to go hunting with my Uncle Christopher. He had called a few days before and asked if I would go with him. I was so scared to go since it was my first time going hunting. I almost chickened out, but last minute I told myself to stop being a baby and go. He picked me up the next morning, and we drove to our hunting spot. Since I was already there, I couldn’t turn back, so the heck with it. I am going to try to get myself a deer.

“After waiting for what seemed like hours, I loudly said, ‘Christopher, there are deer! Right over there!’

“Before I knew it, I was getting handed the gun. Now, which deer am I supposed to point the gun at, I was wondering. He told me to point it at any one of them. They all looked the same anyway. All of a sudden I stopped dead in my tracks. There was the deer I had been waiting for, a massive 10-pointer. I was shaking and freaking out at the same time. I adjusted the gun so it pointed at the buck and closed my eyes right before I pulled the trigger, hoping to hit that deer. If I didn’t I was going to be devastated.

“I slowly opened my eyes. I did it! I was so excited after that that I didn’t realize that my shot wasn’t the greatest, but I had still hit the deer. We waited plenty of time to go track him after that. My dad and my uncle found it less than 100 yards from where I shot it. I was so excited to get my first deer. I am so thankful that my Uncle Christopher will spend his time hunting with me!”

Congratulations to the Weisheit kids and all the local youth hunters who have bagged a deer this year, or at least have made a good effort at it. The real hunting thing will beat a video game or TV every time.

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