Parents thankful after community pays for funeral

By The Associated Press

ANDERSON — A central Indiana couple whose 5-year-old daughter died suddenly in July say they’re overwhelmed that local residents’ generosity helped pay for her funeral, burial and gravestone.

Nikki Wisler says that two days before Caridie’s funeral, she and her husband were trying to raise $1,300 for cemetery fees and planning fundraisers to pay for her funeral service and gravestone.

Wisler tells The Herald Bulletin she and her husband were shocked to learn that people had donated enough to help pay an Anderson funeral home and cemetery.

Caridie Wisler died July 14. She had carnitine deficiency, a genetic disorder that can result in sudden death. Her 3-year-old sister, LeighAnn, has the same illness.

The family says August and September fundraisers intended to pay for Caridie’s funeral and burial will now benefit LeighAnn.

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