Parents should applaud Daniels

To the Editor:

I must say that I enjoyed the recent series of three articles from The Associated Press that you published on former governor Mitch Daniels and his war against professor Howard Zinn.

Of course, the articles were not meant to be taken favorably.

One thing I would like to point out is that Zinn was in all likelihood a member of the Communist Party.

He denied it, but he was active in Communist front groups. There are claims by some in his FBI file that Zinn told them that he was a member of the Communist Party.

Another thing that I would like to mention is the late professor Eugene Genovese, who is quoted as saying Zinn’s history was “incoherent left-wing sloganizing,” was a devoted Marxist revolutionary. One could infer from the article that he was a conservative.

Genovese was a brilliant scholar, according to Princeton professor Robert P. George, a conservative and Catholic, who eulogized him eloquently. All of Genovese’s work was characterized by a passion for the truth, a remarkable thing to say, considering his beliefs. The eulogy is easily found on the Internet.

It is plain to me that Daniels was right on the money in his opposition to Zinn and his book, “A People’s History of the United States.” If this book is in use at Indiana University, I hope it is to teach teachers what incoherent left-wing sloganizing looks like. That may have actually been meant as a euphemism for Communist indoctrination.

Parents are indebted to Daniels for his efforts to protect the innocent minds of their children from those adults who would take advantage of them by imbuing them with their vile ideology.

Mike Gramelspacher Jr.

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