Parents, Hollywood and schools should teach values

To the editor:

This letter is in regard to the latest violence in schools. Are parents now going to run to their congressman and demand a law to take away all our knives? When are we going to stop blaming the objects people use to commit crimes and start blaming ourselves and our lifestyles for the crimes committed today?

We took religion out of our schools, and with it, the teaching of morals. Today, children are not taught right from wrong. Nothing is a sin. Sin is a taboo word. Even our priests and ministers do not talk about sin and its consequences. On a Sunday morning, a church with 100 seats cannot be filled for a Sunday service but a stadium with 50,000 seats can be filled to capacity for just one ballgame. Parents are broke and cannot afford to put any money in the collection basket, but they have money for the ballgame and money for the expensive food and drinks served at the ballgame, or they can go to a restaurant and pay $25 or more for a meal and drinks and think nothing of it.

Maybe we should bring religion back to our schools and put morals back into our lives. We should also take our authority back and not let our children run our schools and our lives.

As a youngster, I was taught to respect my teachers and elders. There is no much thing as respect today.

Instead of writing to your congressman, write to Hollywood and have them produce shows that teach morals and values. Have them take the sex and violence off our television screens and replace it with shows the whole family can watch.

—Bert Hochgesang

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