Papaw's Day

Photos by Brittney Lohmiller/The Herald
Dubois Elementary School hosted Grandparents Day on Tuesday afternoon. After enjoying lunch and the book fair together, first-grader Marcie Denu and her grandfather, Mark Denu of Dubois, play on the swings during recess. “You’re wearing Papaw out,” Denu said with a laugh.


Teresa and Dan Humbert of Celestine ate lunch with their granddaughter, first-grader Shylee Enlow. "Our girls went here so now it's the next generation," Teresa said. "It's crazy how fast time goes."


Second-grader Maddox Harrison shows off his artwork to his grandparents Sheryl and Don Harrison both of Hillham.


During recess Rita Smith of Edmonton, Kentucky, helps her grandson, kindergartner Cooper Smith, as he colors. "I try to get up here once a month," Smith explained. "He's such a joy."


Kathy Schroeder of Jasper, left, and her grandson, third-grader Cooper Schroeder, look at all the different items for sale at the book fair.

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