Owner: God helped bring missing therapy dog home


FERDINAND — Roscoe, a 3-year-old therapy dog that was missing for two weeks in Ferdinand, is now home safe and sound and his owner, Martin Bedolla, said it’s all thanks to God.

Christian and Roscoe (photo provided)

The boxer serves as a therapy dog for Martin’s 14-year-old son, Christian, who has autism.

Christian stayed with his dad and Martin’s wife, Tammy, last weekend and Martin said the teen was “sad and hurt all weekend” because Roscoe still hadn’t come home.

Tammy told Martin Thursday: “The Lord told me, you’re going to get Roscoe. I just know it.”

The Bedollas own Soup-N-Such Bistro in Ferdinand’s historic Wollenmann Home and the business is celebrating its grand opening today. Roscoe had jumped out of the Bedollas’ Jeep at the restaurant two weeks ago and ran off. He had been spotted at various locations in Ferdinand since, but no one could catch him.

On his way to the restaurant this morning, Martin thought he would search for Roscoe where the dog was last seen just one more time before the day got busy.

Martin had laid one of Roscoe’s blankets in the area he was last seen — off of East 19th Street on a gravel road between two fields — and sure enough, when Martin went there around 8 a.m. this morning, Roscoe was lying on the blanket.

Martin prayed to God that Roscoe would stay put and allow the man to approach him, and he did.

“He came to me crying and whimpering and jumped into my arms,” Martin said. “I sat there and held him and cried and cried and cried.”

Martin had had a dream five days before of being reunited with Roscoe just in that way. “I woke up crying,” Martin said.

Roscoe didn’t have a scratch on him. Now, Martin is looking forward to calling Christian later today — Christian lives with his mother — and telling him that Roscoe is home.

Martin thanked the community for its compassion, generosity and concern over the last two weeks.

“I know it was God all the way,” Martin said of bringing Roscoe home. “I was praying hard and the community was, too.”

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