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Herald Correspondent

St. Isidore Parish announces these updates due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: As of now our present guidelines will be staying the same. The wearing of masks is highly encouraged. Please maintain social distance while in the church. The dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass has been extended to Nov. 1. With the precautionary measures continuing through October it is likely that we will continue the 4:30 p.m. Mass at St. Celestine in order to maintain a larger capacity in the church. We realize this is a significant change, but making sure we have enough room for everyone is most important.

St. Isidore Online Mass Broadcast

The 4:30 p.m. Saturday night Mass is currently being livestreamed on Facebook. It will also be posted to the parish website, Facebook and YouTube pages for viewing on demand on Sunday morning.

School Beginning

First day of classes for the 2020-21 school year will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 12, in the Northeast Dubois School Corporation and around the county for all county schools. Check the corporation website for all information about wearing a face covering and other important COVID-19 information.

Steward of God’s Grace Campaign Religious Education Building (St. Raphael Campus)

Due to the closing of Celestine Elementary School, the need for a new Religious Education Center at the St. Raphael Campus has grown greatly. All children in grades Kindergarten through 6th Grade (182 students) will attend religion classes during the school day at the St. Raphael Campus as it is within walking distance of the Elementary and intermediate schools. The current Religious Education Center will be torn down in the near future to accommodate the new building. We are currently in the process of clearing everything out of the building. We do not plan to hold any classes in that building this year as we don't want to have to move students and classrooms mid-year. With the lack of classroom space, we will currently only be able to accommodate one grade at a time. Also, due to social distancing, we will need to divide those grades into two or three classes. Classes will be held in the St. Raphael Church basement, the Liturgy of the Word Room and the Cry Room inside the Church. Release time classes are slated to start on Tuesday, Sept. 1 for grades 3-6. Kindergarten, first and second grade will start on Wednesday, Sept. 2. The non-denominational Kids of the Kingdom will be held this year at St. Peter's United Church of Christ. Wednesday evening classes (145 students) will take place at the St. Celestine Campus. We are still working on a plan for these classes as we are short on teachers to help and how we are able to maintain social distancing. Classes are now scheduled to start on Wednesday, Sept. 9. We appreciate your patience and prayers, as we go through the process of the changes within the religious education program, and the new religious education building.

Shoot Meeting, Sunday, Aug. 9 St. Celestine Dining Hall, 9 a.m.

Shoot chairpersons are asked to attend to brainstorm ideas on alternative ways to fundraise since the shoot had to be cancelled. We are looking to still do some type of drive-thru dinners on the shoot date of Sunday, Oct. 25.

K of C Meeting Notice Business Meeting

A K of C meeting will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 11, at 7:15 p.m. in the Happy Hour lower level. Any Catholic gentleman interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming a K of C member is welcome to come to the Happy Hour at 7 p.m. prior to the meeting or email council13623@indianakofc.org.

Social & Shoot Updates

St. Isidore Parish had to make the difficult decision to cancel both the Social and the Shoot this fall. With all of the social distancing guidelines that are in place, it would be nearly impossible to hold the events. This is a big hit to their parish finances. They are seeking alternative fundraising ideas (drive-thru dinners, etc.) from the social and shoot committees. It would be beneficial to stick to the two event dates in doing something, as others in the county are doing drive-thru dinners on their social dates. If you have any further ideas, please contact the parish office. A new big fundraiser we have is the weekly raffle. We need to sell all 1,200 tickets to make this a success. Tickets are $50 each. You have the chance to win $500. You can win twice with one ticket. They make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas as well. Ask your family, friends, coworkers, if everyone would just sell two tickets we could do this. The person’s name on the ticket must be 18 years or older. Ticket forms can be found at the church entrances and on the parish website. Complete rules can also be found on the ticket form and the website.

Religious Education Upcoming Dates

Mark your calendars with these dates. Wednesday, Aug. 19 - First Communion Retreat & Reconciliation; Tuesday, Sept. 1- Release Time Classes Start; Wednesday, Sept. 9-  Wednesday Classes Begin (More details coming); Thursday, Sept. 10 - First Communion Practice, Sunday, Sept. 20 - First Communion.

USDA Food Box Distribution

Volunteers will be offering dairy boxes for free to anyone on these dates: Aug. 13 and Aug. 27. Distribution starts at approximately 4:30 p.m. at the St. Celestine Campus. Please do not arrive before 3:30 p.m. Enter on the west side by the Celestine Elementary School and proceed under the church carport to the east parking lot. Traffic will be one-way through the parking lot, so follow the signs to the entrance. First-come, first-served. They should have approximately 500 boxes to distribute.

Special Invitation from Father Jeff Read

A Holy Hour for Vocations will be held on Thursday, Aug 27, at 6 p.m., at St. Raphael Church. God is calling men and women to be open to religious life, the diaconate, and the priesthood. During this time we are especially in need of young men to be open to the priesthood. I invite all families to join us as we pray to God to send us shepherds for his Church. The night will begin with Adoration and Benediction, then a discussion in the lower level of St. Raphael Church. Parents of priests and religious will be in attendance in addition to our Associate Vocation Director, Fr. Tyler Tenbarge. I especially invite all high school and young adults to join us. Remember, your attendance doesn't tell us that you want to join the seminary or the monastery; it simply means you are there to pray with us, so no worries and come as you are.

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