Our right of free speech is slowly slipping away

To the editor:
In our developing dystopia, the personal lives of individual Americans will significantly less reflect their unique upbringing and family values than they have in the past. In simple English, what you believe, what you can say, what you can do will fall within the providence of the state. Who you choose to be as an individual will be but another American trait destroyed by progressives. It is the thought police who will see to it that what an elite deems to be ignorance will no longer be tolerated.

At this time, the Middle East is full of them. In Europe and Canada they run roughshod over their citizens, punishing the unrepentant with time in jail and barring offenders of the party line from entry into their countries. There, the thought police are more advanced in imposing the party line. In the United States, it’s just taking a little longer to kill freedom of speech.

You know this form of intolerance, the pernicious one that seeks to rule and guide your life through political correctness. It is built upon hypocritical demands for a tolerance that acknowledges only politically correct points of view. Under the ubiquitous banner of “diversity and inclusion,” these enemies of freedom wield a linguistic hate speech club that is swung to demonize and discredit anyone with ideas that fall outside their progressive orthodoxy.

It was recently observed that “freedom of speech is an endangered species.” This was prompted by the controversy arising when Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” stated his personal religious belief that homosexuality is a sin. Instantly jumped on by aggressive speech minders, his remarks were labeled as hate speech, and the intolerant progressives demanded that he be disciplined by the A&E network, which then promptly banned Phil from the show for his politically incorrect beliefs.

I stand with Phil and the Constitution. It’s beyond time the intolerant were told “no” to their efforts to transform the American character. The progressive enemies of the human spirit must be resisted in every quarter before you must be whom these elites deem you must be.

—Michael Lewinski

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