One is one too many

To the editor:

I have yet to hear one good reason for putting in the Mid-States Corridor. It will not bring more business, it will not bring in more workers, it will not improve our community. It just does not make economic sense. What it will do is destroy a lot of things just to benefit a few big businesses in Dubois County. 

One farm destroyed is one too many.

One home destroyed is one too many.

One tree uprooted is one too many.

One acre of wetland destroyed is one too many. 

One business destroyed is one too many.

This entire project is a power play by a handful of bureaucrats, politicians and power-players. The money being put into this "pre-planned study," as well as the money that it will take to build this highway is needed for so many other important necessities to improve the lives of Southern Indiana residents. This includes public education, healthcare, preserving nature, helping local businesses and improving existing roads, just to name a few. 

Let the residents/taxpayers of Dubois County and other counties that would be affected voice their position versus railroading this through. Unfortunately, this should have been done before money was spent on this proposed project. 

— Mark Nowotarski
Dubois County

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