Oligarchs have taken over our country

To the editor:

We the People may think we live in a democracy. Actually, our current form of government more closely resembles an oligarchy, a country ruled by the very wealthy. These billionaires who seek to run our government have primarily made their fortunes in fossil fuels — gas, oil, and coal. This oligarchy operates primarily under the cover of many elected Republican officials. Recent laws, regulations or rules that have come out of the Republican-led federal government are weakening the clean air and water acts, the Endangered Species Act, are allowing mining and drilling in and around National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges and National Forests, are allowing coal companies to regulate themselves, and are not holding oil companies liable for cleaning up their spills. The majority of the new regulations benefit the wealthy fossil fuel magnates at the expense of We the People.

The government supposedly appeased We the People by giving us a tax break. It was a tax break that favored the wealthy and in the end may cost We the People much more than we saved. The tax break distracted us from the fact that this oligarchy does not support Social Security, Medicare, help for the poor or public education. This oligarchy is seeking to dismantle or greatly reduce all that We the People feel we were guaranteed. Our current Republican president is very much a part of this oligarchy. He appointed a former coal lobbyist to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

We the People can remain silent and let the oligarchy choose our fate. Or, We the People can rise up, let our voices be heard, and by our voting, tell our current elected officials that billionaires and party loyalists will not choose our fate, the fate of our environment or the fate of this country. We the People will choose what is best for our country and what is best for all Americans, not what is in the best interest of the wealthy. The future of this great country is in the hands of We the People. Do lot let your hands remain idle.

—Nancy Gehlhausen
Oakland City

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