Officials reviewing city’s updated comprehenisve plan


HUNTINGBURG — Plans to revitalize and improve areas in Huntingburg and to bring more services to residents are included in the city’s proposed updates for its comprehensive plan.

The plan, named “Your Home - Your Huntingburg,” was presented to the Huntingburg Advisory Planning Commission this week. The commission will have a public hearing before deciding if it will recommend approval of the plan to the Huntingburg Common Council.

The plan’s vision statement is “Huntingburg - A City Like No Other - is a welcoming, diverse, and connected community that is a prime location for cultural and recreational amenities, destinations, opportunity, and a place people are proud to call HOME.”

The goals in the plan are broken down into four categories: land use and housing, transportation and utilities, economic development and tourism, and quality of life. Each category has two goals.

The goals under land use and housing are: to ensure redevelopment, new construction, and industrial growth are compatible with the long-term vision of the community; and to diversify and expand the existing housing stock.

Under transportation and utilities, the goals are to increase accessibility and connectivity to destinations both locally and regionally; and to invest in long-term infrastructure improvements that support high-quality service and growth.

For economic development and tourism, the goals are to create an environment in Huntingburg that facilitates the success of small and large businesses; and to continue to leverage Huntingburg as a prime destination.

And the goals under quality of life are to increase access to exceptional parks and community facilities in Huntingburg; and to increase and support diverse cultures, activities and programming for all ages and interests.

Each goal has a list of implementation activities needed to achieve the goal. And each activity has a list of action steps that includes the partners needed to be involved in the step and the tools and resources needed for the step. Each action step is also categorized as high, moderate or low priority.

For instance, a goal under quality of life is to increase access to exceptional parks and community facilities in Huntingburg. Three implementation plans are listed under the goal and those include many action steps. Some of the high-priority steps are:

• Implement the new senior center.

• Implement more winter activities at Market Street Park.

• Develop a Parks and Recreation Plan specific to Huntingburg Parks that includes a Maintenance Plan for each park.

• Work with partners to support health service needs, such as the attraction of physicians to the city, substance abuse programs and other mental health support services.

Under the goal of land use and housing, some of the of the high-priority action steps listed are:

• Strategically grow city boundaries that are prime for development and can be feasibly served by infrastructure.

• Support efforts to improve the condition of existing homes, such as owner-occupied rehabilitation programs.

• Encourage housing type options, including apartments, lofts and townhomes.

• Monitor rental housing units to ensure landlords are meeting health and safety standards.

• Once the route for the Mid-States Corridor is finalized, update the future land-use plan to reflect appropriate future growth patterns.

• Update the zoning ordinance and subdivision control ordinance. That will be the next project after the comprehensive plan is complete and approved, officials have said.

The plan commission’s public hearing for the “Your Home - Your Huntingburg” comprehensive plan will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, March 9, in the council chambers, which is on the second floor of City Hall, 508 E. Fourth St.

Those who would like to see a draft copy of the proposed plan should contact City Hall at 812-683-2211.

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