Officers step up traffic patrols in Huntingburg


HUNTINGBURG — Speeders beware: More police officers are patrolling in Huntingburg.

Officers are coming in on their days off to help patrol city roads, Assistant Police Chief Brad Kramer told the Huntingburg Board of Public Works Thursday.

Board members noticed more officers on the streets and asked Kramer about it.

“Has there been a push in the last month or two for speeding?” board member Roger Cox asked. “It seems like a whole lot more officers are out there.”

The department is using a $7,000 grant from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to pay for the extra patrols. The funding is part of the Summer Impaired Driving Enforcement Project, Kramer explained via a text message to The Herald.

“It is focused around impaired driving,” Kramer wrote.

Officers are being paid at a rate of $34.50 an hour for the extra patrols, “to make it worth their time to come in on their time off,” Kramer told the board Thursday.

“It’s extra time. It won’t come from our budget,” he said. “It will be reimbursed by ICJI.”

The officers have been noticed.

“As a driver, there seems to be a lot more presence out there,” Mayor Denny Spinner said.

Cox mentioned seeing officers on Chestnut Street and board member Paul Neukam mentioned seeing officers on State Road 64 as he came into the city from the east.

“Last Friday, just from 6 (p.m.) to midnight, we had 51 traffic stops amongst five officers,” Kramer said. “So they are hitting it pretty heavy.”

The Summer Impaired Driving Enforcement Project runs through Sept. 24 or until the funding is completely used, Kramer said. The department has enough money to cover 225 hours of work; of that about 80 hours have been used, Kramer told the board.

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