Obama has replaced rule of law with dictates of men

To the editor:

The state of the future has always been important for man. We are hard-wired to wonder if efforts to prepare for tomorrow will bear fruit. Will I have a job tomorrow? Will my family thrive in a safe community in five years? Can I expect my children to have the opportunities to reach their full potential? Human life over the ages has always been a rather risky affair.

Early in the 21st century, the risks to the American way of life have never been greater. With decade upon decade of benign neglect wearing down our vital economic, social and political institutions, we straddle today a vast cauldron of societal dysfunction and decay wondering what we have wrought.

Early on, President Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. Welcome to the new America! An America divorced from the constitutional restraints the founders placed on government. Thus, when the rule of law is replaced by the dictates of men, there no longer are rules upon which civil society can functionally depend.

In this blossoming new progressive world, private property is for serving the greater community. For free people, blessed by God to decide for themselves and their families what is in their best interests, their individual beliefs are suppressed and replaced by politically correct ideas. Now the ebb and flow of daily life is to be regulated. Such are the collectivists’ offerings in expressing their disdain for individual independence.

Of course, the rule of law could be restored by adhering to the Constitution. We can return to following that bottom-up blueprint and begin functioning as a constitutional republic. That likelihood is low, however. Embracing freedom with its demands for individual accountability and responsibility is scary.

To engage in this kind of national risk management would require a rejection of the status quo nurtured by progressives over the past century. It’s not easy for people to give up the illusion that the dangerous fire of big government, of which George Washington warned, can be tamed and trusted with the people’s happiness. Following a long era of progressive centralization, a liberating decentralization seems frightening.

—Michael Lewinski

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