Now-resolved glitches delayed election results


JASPER — Tuesday’s Municipal Election went smoothly at the polls, but problems arose while votes were being tallied at the Dubois County Courthouse.

The first sets of voting results, for 12 precincts, were generated easily and distributed.

But by 7 p.m., the Election Board was having problems with three machines. And that delayed for a couple of hours the results for the last nine precincts.

“We had some electrical and technical issues,” County Clerk Amy Kippenbrock said Tuesday night. “Our vendor, MicroVote, was able to help us troubleshoot those to resolve the issues. It just took some time.”

Two of the machines were used at Jasper Middle School. “We’re not sure if it was a power source matter where the power source plugged into the machine, or if it was a loose wire inside,” Kippenbrock said. “I’m not sure if they’ve determined at this point what the problem was.”

With the help of Matrix Integration and MicroVote, the election board was able to get the votes.

“They were able to remove the reader and put that into an operating machine,” Kippenbrock said, “to be able to read off that machine.”

The third machine was one used at St. Mary Community Center in Ireland. “It was a technical problem with the card,” Kippenbrock said. “MicroVote helped us troubleshoot to resolve that issue.”

All the problems happened at the courthouse, not at the polling site.

“No vote was compromised,” Kippenbrock said. “Every vote was counted. There were no lost or missed votes. It’s a safe process, and each vote is secured.”

MicroVote will come to the county clerk’s office today to determine what made the machines malfunction, with the goal of fixing them.

“Just like with any electronics, you can have some malfunction sometime,” Kippenbrock said. “We walked through the steps. Sometimes we just have to be patient to troubleshoot each piece.”

The election board was patient as they worked with MicroVote and Matrix Integration. The final election results were distributed to the press just after 9 p.m.

Overall voter turnout was low, at 16.63%. Of the 16,407 eligible voters in the 21 precincts involved in the election, only 2,728 voted. A majority of those votes, 1,689, were cast on Tuesday. A total of 1,002 people cast a ballot during the monthlong early voting, and 37 submitted a paper absentee ballot.

Kippenbrock has to submit the municipal election results to the state to make them official.

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