Now more than ever, we need you

To the editor:

At the Tri-County YMCA, our three areas of focus are Healthy Living, Youth Development and Social Responsibility. Now more than ever, these three areas are at the forefront of our planning.

Now more than ever, Healthy Living is increasingly important to everyone. With the current pandemic, we hear a lot about people who have underlying or preexisting health problems. In reality, many of those conditions can be prevented or improved by diet and exercise. Diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease, obesity are addressed by programs and services that are offered at the Tri-County YMCA. Our focus on Healthy Living extends to all ages with programming for youth, adults and seniors.

Now more than ever, Youth Development is vital for our future. Now more than ever our kids need positive role models in their lives. They have missed out on months without seeing their friends, teachers, coaches and mentors. With our youth programming like After School, Summer Camp, Youth Sports we strive to help our kids by providing role models and positive experiences for them.

Now more than ever, the definition of Social Responsibility is clear. We all hear the guidance. Wear a mask in public, wash your hands, keep a physical distance from others, and stay at home when you are sick. Those are all forms of being socially responsible. As we emerge from this crisis, we all need to be aware of the needs of others and continue to help our neighbors. Be accountable for our own actions.

Now more than ever, the Tri-County YMCA needs the support of its members, participants, volunteers, staff and donors. As we strive to keep Healthy Living, Youth Development and Social Responsibility at the forefront of who we are and what we do, we cannot do that without the support of our communities.

In the upcoming days we will be sharing information on what our re-opening plan looks like. Now more than ever we cant wait to see you all again.

Mike Steffe
CEO, Tri-County YMCA

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