Nothing to be proud of

To the editor:

The author of “Proud to be a liberal” (Bill Press, Jan. 29) cited the Declaration of Independence many times in trying to make his point, such as, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

People have different morals and values and, therefore, even though we are all created equal, we should not be treated alike.

He quotes our president saying, “If you really believe in the Constitution, you could never live with the obscene level of income inequality in America today.” If people don’t like the fact another person has more money than they do, then those envious people should work and strive to be successful and make more money. Hard work and perseverance do pay off.

Readers are told that if they really believe in the Constitution, they shouldn’t resent extending a helping hand to those not as lucky as others. He mentions social programs that most of us know originally were meant to be “safety nets” for the truly needy. There are too many people who take advantage of these programs because our elected officials have let them in hopes of garnering more votes. There are a lot of takers in America, and these government programs sap our initiative and weaken this great nation.

The writer reminds us of what President Obama recently said: “And in meeting all those challenges, government plays an essential role. ... Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.” It’s my belief that government should not play an essential role in society. Americans should be independent and take responsibility for their families and themselves.

Government interference is becoming more and more noticeable in our everyday lives. We have to realize that when we rely on government, we give control and power to government bureaucrats and elected officeholders. Many people are unwilling to take action themselves because of laziness or just being afraid of solving problems — most of which are of their own making.

It is going to take one heck of a “collective” effort for this country to get going again when these are the thoughts and ideas of our leaders.

I’m always going to stay positive when it comes to America. Unfortunately, the country is being guided by liberals who don’t like how America was founded and how it became the greatest nation on earth.

—Jud Goodness

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