'Notecards from the Edge' at legislative breakfast

To the editor:

If you want to know why Mike Braun is our U.S. Senator, and other local Republican politicians are not, read on.

On Saturday, the Jasper Chamber hosts the second legislative breakfast of the 2020 IGA session at VUJC. They and the state legislators should rename it Notecards From The Edge, performed by the “Notecard Quartet” of Bartels, Lindauer, Houchin and Messmer. Since January 2019, the Notecard Quartet makes people write questions on notecards, pass them to the JC conductor, and she reads them aloud to the Notecard Quartet seated on stage, after the Quartet warms up by speaking about whatever. The answers are "one and done" with no follow up questions.

The JC and Quartet premiered Notecards from the Edge at the VUJC stage in January 2019. They gave us four "reasons" to discard a fifty year tradition of personal Q&A including "Notecards worked for one year," politicians who live here "have to scoot quick," you can "stick around and ask after it's over" (to whom?), and Notecards provide an “informal and open setting.” The Quartet is jiving us.  

The Notecard Quartet and the JC Maestro needs a new music score. The likely explanation for Notecards From The Edge of the stage is the JC breakfast in December 2018. The Quartet was asked hard questions and follow-up questions about air pollution, education funding and spotty internet service. The Quartet hit sour notes like “we have no control over what state agencies do,” or “what local school boards do,” and “that’s not true.”

The Notecard Quartet can’t play without sheet music, but U.S. Senator Mike Braun can. Contrast the Quartet’s performance with the truly “informal and open,” and spontaneous Q&A Republican Senator Braun held at the January 2020 meeting. When offered a chance to speak, he spoke briefly and meaningfully. More importantly, when offered Notecards From The Edge, he declined, saying he’d “talk directly to the people” there, standing up and speaking to him, about an array of subjects.

That’s why Republican U.S. Senator Mike Braun plays jazz, and the Republican Notecard Quartet plays jive!

—Mike Kendall, Chairperson
Dubois County Democratic Party

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