NoC2D commends speakers at the IDEM hearing

To the editor:

Last Wednesday night at the IDEM hearing was an awesome display of intelligent and caring citizens expressing their concerns for their families, friends and community. I saw people find their voice and stand up to speak against Riverview’s refinery who told me they couldn’t and wouldn’t speak in public and they did a great job! All of us who are connected in this fight have found a common bond and a voice to oppose it. And although we already knew this, the rest of the community realized it Wednesday night. There were 47 speakers against the refinery and seven for it. The Dale Town Council was there and none of them stood up for this refinery. Again, they face us with silence.

I commend everyone who spoke with conviction and thoughtful expressions of concern. We all should be proud for the display for love of community. All of you did a great job!

I appreciate you so much for your courage and conviction. I also appreciate the many people who have written statements to IDEM and for standing with us Wednesday night.

—Mary Hess
Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life/NoC2D Coalition

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