No matter the route, highway will destroy homes, farms

To the editor:

If the proposed Mid-States Corridor comes through Dubois County, it will affect my family, friends, neighbors and area farmers I’ve known my whole life.

The highway will take my aunt and uncle's house no matter which route it takes. They built and have lived in their house for more than fifty years. They also raised seven children in that house. It breaks my heart to think they would be homeless. They should not have to find a new home in their 70s.

If the road goes east, it will go through or right by my son's house. In three years, this farm will have been in the Lange family for 100 years. My dad and eight siblings were born in that house. Oh the memories.... I can’t begin to tell you how much we love that farm!

This road will affect farmers and take people’s homes in St Henry, Holland, Huntingburg, Duff, Jasper and Ireland depending on the route. Is this worth it to get to Indianapolis just ten minutes faster?

They will tell you it creates jobs. Dubois County repeatedly has the lowest employment in the state. Employers can’t fill jobs available now!

Where are the hundreds of displaced people going to move to once their houses are taken? We already have a housing shortage. I guess we are fools. We think we own our land. We buy and pay taxes every year but have absolutely no say when giant power lines and four lane highways come plowing through our properties.

Those pushing this road (you know who you are) should volunteer it go through your yard and property. You should share in the noise and plummeting property values!

Those that say, "it doesn’t affect me, so I don’t care" ... what a shame. Put yourself in your neighbor’s place. One of my neighbors has three generations — four families that live and work off their land. Two more have had the farms in their families for more than 150 years. Once farmland is taken, we will never get it back.

We need to write letters to Braun, Messmer and Holcomb asking them to stop this unnecessary, expensive, NINETEEN MILLION DOLLARS a mile, four lane highway that will destroy homes, farms and our way of life.

—Sheila Wendholt

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