No matter route chosen, 'no route' is people's choice

To the editor:

Why, why, why???? As I sit here thinking about the Mid-States Corridor project that has been thrown on us, I am trying to weigh the pros and cons.

On the pro side, I can see how it could save a few minutes of drive time when our trucking travels to other US markets and it could possibly encourage very large industry, but this sure doesn’t outweigh the cons of what it would do to our beloved Dubois County.

Tell me why, when the survey was out in March and finally presented to the public, the opinion of NO ROUTE was not a given choice? Did this group think that everyone would jump on their bandwagon and think it was necessary?

Dubois County historically has been successful due to the strong work ethic and a good quality of life of our ancestors. This not only includes the farmers who “built” this area but also the industry that our pioneers began. With a superhighway going through the middle of our county, I can’t see how this will encourage prosperity if we are destroying the small businesses, homes, rural suburbs, and farms.

It will do exactly what it is called — “bypass” our county. A new big road will not always ensure prosperity.

After much research, I find the scale weighs solely toward the NO CORRIDOR side.

In light of the pandemic now, we need to consider alternate options that make sense to help Dubois County grow. Spend the money to improve the roads that the state can’t seem to keep up before you build new ones. As a community, let’s take a holistic vision of what this superhighway will do to the future of farming and our rich land that produces the food you eat, our natural resources, and the people who live here.

Obviously the people in support of this corridor are not hometown residents and don’t care what it will do to our beautiful southern Indiana. The majority seems to be speaking against this corridor. It doesn’t matter which route they choose, NO ROUTE is our choice!

—Cheryl Sermersheim

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