News Of Record: 4/4

Editor’s note: The date of occurrence of the cases that these court and traffic rulings document may be six months or more prior to today’s publication. Some sentences may have already been served.

Circuit Court



• Hoosier Hills Credit Union vs. the unknown heirs and devises of Rebecca D. Wright, deceased, and Community First Bank. Judgment and decree of foreclosure for Hoosier Hills Credit Union for $22,899.73 and interest; mortgage foreclosed.

• Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. vs. Trevor C. Fiscus. Judgment and decree of foreclosure for Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. for $78,640.55 and interest; mortgage foreclosed.


Divorces granted:

• Michelle Lynn Buse and Rex Alan Buse, Jr.

Anabel Juarez and Jorge Hernandez Cruz.

Julie Michelle Kesselring and William Allen Kesselring.

Jay E. King and April E. King.

Tina R. Schnarr and Steve Schnarr; former wife’s former name, Reckelhoff, restored.


Superior Court


Civil Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee for Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I, Inc. Trust 2005-HEI, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2005-HEI vs. Michael G. Beck. Judgment and decree of foreclosure for Deutsche Bank National Trust Company for $80,646.88 and interest; mortgage foreclosed.


Small claims

CTI Home Inspections, LLC vs. James Buening. Judgment for CTI Home Inspections, LLC for $396 and interest.

Judgment for Allstar Cash Advance vs. Trent Ficklin, $586 and interest; Angel Royer, $603 and interest.

Dubois Pike Federal Credit Union vs. Angel and Trent Fricklin. Judgment for Dubois Pike Credit Union for $1,45.66 and interest.

Ewing Properties, Inc. vs. Ada and Emmanuel Monge. Judgment for Ewing Properties, Inc. for $1,631 and interest.

Judgment for Hoosier Account Services vs. Jason and Kelly Flamion, $1,188.77 and interest; Jacqueline Lynch, $6,096 and interest; Joshua Malone, $6,096 and interest; Robert Wood, $959.13 and interest.

Ippoliti Law Office vs. Henry Calderon. Judgment for Ippoliti Law Office for $965.54 and interest.

Judgment for Jasper Municipal Utilities vs. Sara Hook, $270.34 and interest; Emily Waters, $267.71 and interest.

Judgment for Pro-Fit Solutions, LLC vs. Trevor Flick, $1,040.38 and interest; Dontrel George, $1,398.26 and interest; Michael Newby, $1,184.81 and interest.

PDQ Rental vs. Gustavo Alvarez. Judgment for PDQ Rental for $280.58 and interest.

Judgment for Wagner Family Dental vs. Kristine Bair, $414.20 and interest; Valerie Eversell-Seel, $359.50 and interest. Judgment for Procol, Inc. vs. Crystal Denton, $2,286.88 and interest; Erica Donovan, $4,551.10 and interest; Samantha Hagen, $1,688.38 and interest; Jason Holmes, $3,332.24 and interest; Jessica Mattingly, $2,815.96 and interest; Christopher Merder, $4,012.07 and interest; Elijah Smith, $1,424.61 and interest; Miranda Tenbarge, $1,826.87 and interest; Shawn Watson, $2,767.99 and interest.



Fined $139 fine and costs for speeding: Thomas Alvey, Jr.; Winslow; Anthony Burns, New Albany; Jason Fowler, Covington, Ky., Melissa Hall, French Lick, David Morris, Jr., Mitchell; Brenda Oser, Huntingburg.

Fined $139 fine and costs for other traffic violations: Robert Benton, Huntingburg, improper passing; Penny Dupire, Stendal, no valid licenses; Leroy Gogel, Dale, disregarding a traffic control device; Charles Carter, Huntingburg, failure to yield; Autumn Cox, Washington, no insurance; Tyler Cowan, Otwell, false or fictitious registration; Adonis Pineda Torres, Huntingburg, learner permit violation; Samantha Gentry, Ferdinand, following too closely; Derek Voegerl, Holland, unsafe start.

Fined $124 fine and costs for traffic violations: Bruce Blount, Huntingburg, no insurance.

Fined $25 for seat belt violations: Vincenzina Bullock, Jasper.

Traffic cases dismissed, pretrial diversion program completed:

Speeding — Thomas A. Baker, Jr., Millstadt, Ill.; Celso Barrera Miranda, Evansville; Anna M. Berry, Lanesville; Thomas R. Blakeslee, Owensboro; Mindy J. Bolado, San Antonio, Texas; Ethen D. Burkhart, Vincennes; Mariano N. Floro, Jr., St Louis, Mo.; Krishna S. Gollamudi, Flushing, Ky.; Charles D. Gross, Louisville; Holly R. Grisham, Eldorado, Ill.; Lindley A. Harmon, Evansville; Justin R. Knapp, Bloomington; Timothy J. Lee, Oakland City; Craig D. Maikranz, Fort Branch; Angela R. Matthews, Birdseye; Thomas L. Montgomery, Indianapolis; Timothy R. Power, St. Louis, Mo., Marievelyn Powers, Ferdinand; Steven D. Pride, Elberfeld.

Others — Zachary P. Bohnenkamper, Ferdinand, failure to yield; Anthony R. Diaz, Jasper, improper passing; Brandon J. Hartin, Petersburg, disregarding a stop sign; Hayley M. McKim, Bristow, following too closely; Anastasia M. Meneilly, Jasper, disregarding a stop sign.

Most convictions include court costs of up to $132 per case; drunken driving and possession of marijuana convictions include court costs of up to $355 per case; drug convictions also include an automatic six-month suspension of the defendant’s driver’s license; traffic convictions include court costs of $109.50 per case; misdemeanors and felonies include court costs of between $165 and $255 per case.


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