New website, logo bring flexibility, opportunity

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JASPER — The City of Jasper has launched its new website, which includes a new logo that over time will be incorporated in all city departments.

Community Development and Planning Director Darla Blazey showed the Jasper Common Council the new website during the council’s regular monthly meeting Wednesday.

The new site has more images and photos as well as headers that link to city services and city departments’ websites, which are all located within the overall website. The website’s address is the same,

Blazey said that departments now can make changes to their information by logging into a specified account. In the past, officials had to work with the former site’s developer to enter codes to make changes. Each department has a representative who is responsible for keeping its department’s information updated, she said.

The site includes many new features, including a community calendar, news postings, a city meeting schedule, a document center where posts such as the minutes from city meetings can be found, road closing notices, a blog by the mayor and presentations like the one about the downtown/riverfront master plan given in August. Citizens also can report problems using a form on the site, and the report will be sent to the appropriate department, Blazey said.

Indianapolis-based eGov Strategies and Evansville-based Axiom Marketing & Advertising designed the site. Axiom co-owner Randy Lents told the council that the site works well with computer tablets and mobile devices. He added that 41 percent of all online use is on those kinds of devices.

“The new website is an exciting opportunity for the City of Jasper to better communicate with its citizens, business community and visitors as well as a vehicle for additional collaboration among city departments and their clients,” Mayor Terry Seitz said. “We look forward to assimilating it into daily use.”

A new logo is being used on the site and will be used throughout the city in time, Seitz said. The logo includes the shape of the state of Indiana comprised of black, red and yellow dots, with the location of Jasper highlighted by a slightly bigger red dot. The words “City of Jasper Indiana” are adjacent to the image.

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