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(Updated Thursday, May 18)

Alien: Covenant  (Jasper 8 Theatres)

At its core, this thriller about an emergency on a colonizing spaceship is a glorified monster movie, with some great ‘‘gotcha!’’ scare moments. After the original ‘‘Alien’’ and sequel ‘‘Aliens,’’ it’s the third best ‘‘Alien’’ movie. (Sci-fi horror, R, 2 hrs. 3 min.)


Everything, Everything (Jasper 8 Theatres)

This story of a teen boy falling for a girl trapped inside because of an autoimmune disease is spun in such a way we’re constantly thinking, ‘‘OK, wait a minute.’’ The characters are thinly drawn, and their reactions are out of tune with what we would expect from actual human beings.(Romantic drama, PG-13, 1 hr. 36 min.)






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