New business will deliver whatever you need


If you can purchase it, Dubois County Delivery LLC will deliver it.

Doug Seger of Cuzco came up with the idea for Dubois County Delivery about a year ago and launched the business online at When the stay-at-home order went into effect due to COVID-19, Seger made another push to get the word out about the business. He also eliminated the delivery charge for groceries and other essential items.

“I thought with COVID-19, it would be a good time to get it going again,” Seger said.

To get a delivery, customers first call Seger at 812-631-9242 to ensure a driver is available. If a driver is available, customers then call the store or restaurant where they want to make a purchase and pay for it over the phone and arrange for Dubois County Delivery to pick it up. Then, a driver from Dubois County Delivery picks up the purchase and delivers it to the customer. Customers pay the driver via cash at drop-off. Current rates are 18 cents per minute — $10.80 per hour — plus 50 cents per mile and a $1 processing fee, though essential items will be delivered free of charge due to the pandemic.

The only items that can’t be delivered are alcohol, tobacco and vaping products due to state laws.

In addition to the pickup and delivery service, Seger also offers a personal shopping service similar to the curbside pickup programs at Walmart and IGA. For the personal shopping service, customers provide a shopping list to Dubois County Delivery so the driver can go to the store to purchase the items and then deliver the order to the customer. Originally, Seger decided to offer that service as a way for people with hectic schedules to save time, but when COVID-19 hit, the personal shopping service became another way to help people who needed to stay home.

“I figured people would want to use [the service] if they couldn’t go out,” he said.

Dubois County Delivery is based in Jasper, but operates throughout the county. Services are available according to drivers’ availability. Customers are encouraged to call Dubois County Delivery to check driver availability before placing an order at a store or restaurant.

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