Nature is beautiful and it is our job to preserve it

To the editor:

My name is Stella Mahar and I am in 5th grade at Ireland Elementary. I am writing this letter to you because I want to stop the Mid-States Corridor.

I want to stop it because it could go through my house and land, and through other people's land.

Some people think it will help everyone, but the people who think that are not thinking about others and that seems selfish to me.

If you have seen the Disney movie WALL-E, think about what that world was like in that movie. If you have not seen WALL-E, I encourage you to watch it. We need to save trees and farmland, not destroy them.

Did you know that the Mid-State Corridor goes through the Hoosier National Forest? If we go through a forest for a road we are tearing down trees. Trees help to sustain life by cleaning our air. We need clean air more than we need this road in my opinion.

Nature is beautiful and it is our job to help preserve it.

—Stella Mahar
Ireland Elementary

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