Natural immunity counts

To the editor:

The scientific evidence and many experts recognize natural immunity to COVID infection. Current data supports that exposure to the virus stimulates a strong and lasting immune response. Obviously, the virus can hurt you, even kill you, especially if you are at higher risk. A healthy lifestyle, vaccines, treatments and being young all reduce the risk of severe disease and death. Natural immunity reduces the risk of severe disease and death, too. In my opinion, vaccine mandates violate our freedoms. Mandates disregard informed consent. But if you have the power to mandate a vaccine and choose to do so, please recognize our God-given natural immunity as an exemption to a mandate. Three studies show an exaggerated immune response when we vaccinate those with natural immunity. Let’s respect the immunity of those who have survived COVID by not forcing them to take an unnecessary risk of repeated exposure to vaccine-induced spike protein. Natural immunity has helped to protect us for millennia. In my opinion, the CDC and WHO position of not recognizing COVID survivors as part of the herd needs an update. To be clear, vaccinating those without prior infection reduces the risk of severe disease and death. But natural immunity reduces the risk of severe disease and death, too. The recent count is 6,968 souls in Dubois County with known natural immunity. Importantly, no one is suggesting “COVID parties.” A recent Delta variant Israeli study indicates natural immunity beats vaccine immunity many times over. It is not a race. Thankfully, both types of immunity win. Some say it is not “if” you get COVID infection but “when.” Would this letter be allowed on social media? The truth is not changed by anyone’s opinion. Let’s put faith over fear. Let’s respect, forgive and love each other as the neighbors that we are. May God bless America and our world.

—Steve Hopf, MD


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