My virus doesn't love me anymore

To the editor:

It’s over. It’s over. My virus doesn’t love me anymore. Tribute to the late Roy Orbison for the song. Let John Nolte of Breitbart tell it using the CDC’s numbers:

More than 163 million Americans are fully vaccinated. Of those 163 million who are fully vaccinated, only 6,239 have been hospitalized with the China Flu. Of those 163 million who are vaccinated, only 1,263 have died.

Of the vaccinated who have been seriously ill or died, 74 percent are over 65. Among the vaccinated, only 1 out of 26,125 have gotten seriously ill. Among the vaccinated, only 1 in 129,000 have died.

Do you have any idea how small those numbers are? Imagine how small they are for those under 65. For context, as far as living with risk, your chances of dying in a car accident this year are 1 in 8,400. Your odds of dying crossing the street this year are 1 in 43,000.

So, what’s going on here? The government has become addicted to controlling people, and the people have become addicted to being ordered around. A recent survey shows that 66 percent of Democrats think vaccinated people should wear masks in public. Also, children, whose mortality rate is zero without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia, will still wear masks in school.

COVID-19 was never a big deal. It was just made into a big deal. This has been known since Diamond Princess. Injuries and deaths from the vaccines are a big deal. But do you have any idea how many billions of dollars are being made by drug companies? Do you realize how insignificant and irrelevant your life is compared to a billion dollars? A half a million old geezers could die and the needle wouldn’t lift off zero. Medicare and social security bureaucrats would throw a celebration.

And the Delta variant? How many lackluster variants and Greek letters will we have to go through before we see the end of this insanity?

—Mike Gramelspacher Jr

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