My granddaughter's mentors are like angels

To the Editor:

Thank you Mayor Vonderheide for making January Mentoring Month and putting a spotlight on Mentors For Youth.

What a special group of people! I knew about them, but when I met with Kaiva Hurt and she checked everything out and met at my home, what a lucky day.

My little girl — granddaughter — who I’m raising, needed more love and caring. She has went through so much. Then the miracle happened. Sherry and Sarah wanted to be the mentors for Kayleigh. Ever since that, I knew that God sent Kayleigh and I two angels.

They are out of this world. Sherry and Sarah Monesmith make Kayleigh feel like family. She can’t wait to go with them once a week. They teach her to pray, play games with her, feed her supper and bake cookies. The whole Monesmith family has taken her in. Even Ryder (their dog) has.

Thank you, all mentors. Thanks, Sherry, Sarah and all the family. You are so special. God bless Sherry, Sarah and all mentors.

With heartfelt gratitude,

—Larry Dupps

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