‘Mr. Do-It-All’ aims for successful senior year

Northeast Dubois' Reece Bauer dribbles past North Daviess' Trevor Riggins during the 2018-19 season. Herald file photo


DUBOIS — Reece Bauer is all business as he enters his senior basketball season at Northeast Dubois.

“Everybody needs to come to practice prepared every day,” Bauer said. “Everybody needs to come to practice with a mindset that they are going to get better today. They’re not going to slack off. They’re not going to joke around out there and mess around when they’re shooting free throws, because we don’t know when those free throws are going to come in to bite us. Everybody’s going to come to practice and try to make every other player better, not just to make themselves better.”

He aims to be a positive leader in practice by being a role model for the younger players on the team, and Northeast Dubois coach Terry Friedman acknowledged Bauer as the team’s leader. Friedman said Bauer leads by example, and is the hardest worker the team has. He added that Bauer works hard in every drill.

“That’s what we look for in our seniors,” Friedman said.

Friedman called Bauer, “Mr. Do-It-All” for the Jeeps last season. Bauer led the team in scoring, rebounding and assists. He averaged 14.9 points per game, and Friedman said his senior guard has 828 career points. Bauer and the Jeeps went 10-14 last year, but also had a lot of young players. The Jeeps have 12 players on their roster this year, and 10 are upperclassmen. Bauer said the team has been going hard in practice so far, and he thinks practice performances will translate well into their games this year. He said practices have been intense every day. Bauer said the coaches have told the team what they expect out of them, and what they could be if they worked hard. The Jeeps open the season Wednesday at home against Pike Central.

Bauer tends to attack the rim a lot, doing whatever he can to finish, but said he put a lot of work into improving his outside shot during the offseason, and already could tell that he’s better from longer distance. Bauer has trained with other coaches with a goal of improving his shot and having the confidence to take that shot, if necessary. He’s been known to come to the gym on Friday and Saturday nights with his father, Greg, so that he could get some shots up with his father to try to improve.

Bauer also said he has gotten stronger as he has put on some pounds of muscle going into his senior campaign. He added he’s in the weight room three to five days a week, working out with Jeeps assistant coach Seth Matheis and other members of the team. Bauer said he gained around 10 to 15 pounds during the offseason, now bench presses and push presses around 185 pounds, and can squat around 385 pounds.

He personally strives to the best leader he can be, but his main goals this year are to win a Blue Chip Conference championship and add a sectional championship. Northeast Dubois made it to the sectional semifinal last year, in spite of finishing under .500, which he chalked up to how hard the team worked in practice. Bauer thinks accomplishing his goals are very likely, because the Jeeps have the team and they have the coaches. He added that the team must have the willingness to work hard, upperclassmen showing leadership and everybody on the team being willing to listen to pull it off. Bauer hopes the Jeeps will have their fans behind them as they aim to do big things.

Bauer is looking to play college baseball after his high school days are over. He said he’s hoping to make his decision of which program he will commit to around Christmas. Bauer is looking for what will be a good fit for him, not just from an athletic standpoint, but also an academic standpoint. He’s looking to major in business, though he isn’t sure what kind yet. Bauer said he received an offer from Kentucky Wesleyan College in October, and recently took visits to Franklin College and Wabash College.

He said he sometimes thinks about what his decision will be, but makes sure it doesn’t linger in the back of his head.

“To be honest right now, I’m just totally focused on basketball,” Bauer said.

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