Motivating Muggles

Photos by Marlena Sloss/The Herald
To celebrate International Children’s Book Day, which was Monday, Ireland Elementary School first-graders Jacob McCrady, right, and Owen Nichols brought their fake wands to school this morning to complete their Harry Potter costumes. Students were encouraged to dress as their favorite book characters today at school. One of the organizers, special needs teacher Ashley O’Connor, said the dress-up day was ‘just for kids to get excited about reading — it’s fun and motivating for them.”


Ireland Elementary School kindergartners Tailyn Lindauer, right, and Kambree Perry crawled toward a group of classmates to see their costumes before school in Ireland on Friday.


Ireland Elementary School fourth-graders Sonali Rathee, right, Adonica Meyer and Payton Weber dressed as their favorite Harry Potter characters — Cho Chang, Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood — for International Children's Book Day as they sat in the gym before school in Ireland on Friday. The three looked at Payton's book, "Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic."


Ireland Elementary School third-grader Cooper Hoffman dressed as Abraham Lincoln for International Children's Book Day at school in Ireland on Friday. Hoffman's class had just worked on a unit which involved learning about Lincoln. "I just loved his biographies," Cooper said. "All the history, and how he ended slavery."


Ireland Elementary School kindergarten teacher Stacey Crawford read "Thank you, Mr. Panda" to her class while dressed as Mr. Panda for International Children's Book Day in Ireland on Friday.



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