Most are against the Corridor. Where is our representation?

To the editor,

On March 3, I mailed 28 letters regarding opposition to the Mid-States Corridor. These letters went to our Indiana and U.S. Senators and Representatives as well as other people and agencies involved. To date, none have had the decency to respond, with the exception of a form-letter from Commissioner McGuinness at INDOT insultingly referring me to the Mid-States Corridor website and a short note from Indiana District 63 Representative Shane Lindauer with the distinct tone that he would try to help me accept the Corridor and get over it as opposed to helping his constituents fight the Corridor.

It is my understanding that Representative Lindauer’s parents are against the Corridor. With this knowledge and the fact that Mr. Lindauer is supposed to be representing over 65,000 people I had to ask myself why he is only representing a handful of big businesses who stand to gain by this Corridor. Then I did a little more homework and found that after originally being “appointed” to his seat by people who support the Corridor, he was also conveniently “assigned” to the “Roads and Transportation Committee,” deliberately making it more difficult for him to ignore the powerful interests who put him there.

Mr. Lindauer, when you announced you were running for election in 2018 to keep your appointed seat you said, “I believe that government was primarily instituted to protect life, liberty and PROPERTY. All other functions need to be heavily scrutinized keeping in mind that government doesn’t create wealth, it can only TAKE IT from the TAXPAYER.” You also said, “I look forward to the opportunity to SERVE THE CITIZENS of District 63.”

It is now obvious that those words meant nothing to you.

After my May 23 letter was published, I spent the next few weeks dropping it off at over 713 point-of-sale businesses in Dubois County, so I got to know the cities and streets intimately. And while I didn’t get to speak to every business owner, the ones I did speak to are against this Corridor, which begs the question, “Why aren’t you representing us, Mr. Lindauer?”

—Patricia Crain

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