More ride-hailing services available in Dubois County

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More ride-hailing options have come to Dubois County.

As of Sept. 20, Uber and Lyft both service the area.

Both companies utilize cellphone apps to connect people in need of a ride with people in the neighborhood with cars. To use either service, simply download the app and input payment information.

Ride requests and payments are handled within the app. Fees are charged similarly to a taxi service: a base fee is assigned, and additional charges are added per mile and per minute.

Redstone Car Service is already established in Dubois County and takes reservations via phone at 1-800-505-0486. The company boasts “simple, flat-rate prices.”

All three companies conduct background checks on their drivers to ensure riders are safe.

Riders on Uber and Lyft can also rate drivers in the app to help the companies keep tabs. Redstone has a contact page on the website,

There is also a service dedicated to senior citizens called GoGoGrandparent. The service utilizes Lyft drivers and allows the elderly to schedule rides by calling 855-464-6872. Users must first register for the service and provide payment information.

Local drivers for the Lyft and Uber services have a Facebook page that can be found at Their drivers are limited in Dubois County, so Shannon Roberts, the page’s creator and a driver, suggests scheduling rides ahead of time via the Facebook page.


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