More charges filed against young man in deaths

By The Associated Press

VALPARAISO — Authorities have added charges in the case of a young man who is accused of killing two people in Porter County.

Connor Kerner of Valparaiso already is facing murder charges in the deaths of 19-year-old Molley Lanham and 18-year-old Thomas Grill . Kerner appeared in court Monday on additional charges of intimidation and arson. Not-guilty pleas were entered.

Investigators say the bodies of Lanham and Grill were found in a burned-out car in March. Kerner is 18 years old but was 17 at the time. Police believe the violence was related to a drug deal in a garage in Boone Township.

People who knew the victims filled the Valparaiso courtroom Monday. Police say Kerner made incriminating statements to a confidential informant, saying he had done something "really bad." He was initially charged in March.

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