Mobile device repair shop opens in Jasper



JASPER — Two Dubois men opened a mobile device repair shop in Jasper this month.

Austin Royer, 27, and Shaydon Voelkel, 24, opened the store, called The iStore Repair, located at 703 W. Sixth St., on Feb. 1.

Royer and Voelkel, who are friends from high school, said they had been looking to open a business like this for years but never followed through until the storefront on Sixth Street became available.

“We always kind of joked around about opening something down here because there wasn’t really anything like it,” Royer said. “There were probably four or five years of us just throwing the idea around.”

Royer taught himself how to make repairs on his iPhone by watching YouTube videos beginning when he was still in school. He started with simple fixes, such as changing the color of his phone and repairing the screen a few times. Throughout the years, he became the person all his classmates would turn to for phone repairs.

“I was always tinkering with stuff, kind of mechanically inclined,” he said. “I always have to know how things work.”

Royer eventually moved to Indianapolis to work for his brother, who had his own repair business. Most weekends, he’d drive back home to Dubois County to do repairs for people who knew him, meeting in places such as coffee shops or their own homes.

One time, when Voelkel asked him for help with his phone, Royer taught him how to fix it himself, which got Voelkel interested in repairs, as well. So when Voelkel noticed the Jasper storefront was available, Royer took the jump and moved back home to start the business with his friend.

The first week in business was busy, which Voelkel said they mostly credit to friends and themselves posting on Facebook about the store opening. But they also have heard from several customers that they simply noticed the Apple logo on their storefront and wanted to check it out.

The two said they have heard from several customers that they usually had to travel to Evansville or Louisville for repairs, sometimes for something as simple as changing a battery.

The store’s website has a list of free quotes for devices it typically works on — mostly different iPhone models. However, most models are usually similar enough that Voelkel and Royer know how to fix devices such as Samsung phones and Macbooks, too.

“They’re all so similar in the way that they get repaired,” Royer said. “So if I get the parts for it, I’ll fix it.”

The two are always learning on the job, too, and hope to expand their repair abilities in the future.

The store offers walk-in appointments that generally take 30 minutes or less, Royer said. It also offers free diagnostics and lifetime warranties on repairs.

“We make sure that we put a lifetime warranty on there so [customers] know that they’re covered if something were to ever go wrong,” Royer said. “We don’t ever want to leave a customer with a bad repair.”

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