Military needs to beef up its own security

To the editor:

While the politicians search for any advantage regarding the recent slaughter at the Washington Navy Yard, there’s one small fact that apparently no one is concerned with.

At the Fort Hood shootings in 2009 in Texas, who put that shooter down? Was it some well-armed member of the military? No, the local municipal police department had to respond. During the response time, victims were piling up.

Again at the recent shootings at the Washington Navy Yard, the municipal police department was responsible to stop the killing. During the response time, no doubt more victims were falling.

Here we see examples of our very own military members being nothing more than sitting ducks.
If you study the attack on Pearl Harbor, hidden in that story is the fact that regulations of the time required that all types of ammunition be locked up when in port. That fateful Sunday morning, sailors had to knock the locks off of those ammunition lockers before they could even begin to attempt to ward off the enemy.

We depend on the military to protect this nation, don’t we? Why can we not depend on that same military to protect itself?

It’s often said our military is expected to fight with one hand tied behind its back. In both the Fort Hood and now the Washington Navy Yard killings, it had both hands tied behind its back.

We’ve got to do better.

—David Qualkenbush

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