Memorial Gym is a southern Indiana icon

To the editor:

Evansville Courier & Press writer Gordon Engelhardt compared Huntingburg Memorial Gymnasium to an “old barn” in a recent article.

In the article, published in the Courier on Sunday, Jan. 20, he called the gym an "old barn" when describing University of Evansville coach Walter McCarty's visit to Memorial Gym over the weekend to scout Southridge's game against Heritage Hills.

We take exception to that here in Huntingburg. We love our Huntingburg Memorial gymnasium.

Our gymnasium was designed to accommodate about 6,000 fans. When entering the building at ground level, the fans seated anywhere in the gym have a great view of the action down on the court. There has been a lot of basketball history generated in the Huntingburg Memorial Gymnasium.

For the size of Huntingburg, we are fortunate to have a newly renovated high school football stadium with a state-of-the-art turf field, League Stadium for the boys high school baseball team, state-of-the-art girls high school softball complex and a 67-year-old basketball gymnasium that is a southern Indiana icon, not an old barn!    

—Tim Wehr

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