Memorial, Anthem negotiations continue

From Local Sources

JASPER — Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center and Anthem are continuing to engage in negotiations, according to a press release sent by the hospital Friday. 

According to the release, a meeting was held telephonically last week and Memorial Hospital submitted a counterproposal to Anthem on Thursday.

“Please be assured that Memorial Hospital continues to provide timely information to Anthem,” the press release reads.

The Memorial Health Resource Center will begin reaching out to Anthem-insured patients with appointments at Memorial Hospital facilities to provide assistance. In addition, the Memorial Health Resource Center can be reached at 812-996-6399, and is urging all patients with Anthem insurance plans to call to better understand your individual options. This free service has been established in alignment with the hospital’s mission to better support its communities and patients with Anthem insurance plans.

Anthem has also launched a website to answer questions about the negotiations. It is

If Anthem and Memorial Hospital do not reach a deal by the end of the day on Wednesday, Nov. 27, local residents with Anthem insurance will find themselves “out of network” at the local hospital.

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