Meeting: Southwest Dubois Schools

The Southwest Dubois School Board met Thursday and:

”¢ Hired Byron “Kelly” Murphy as Southridge High School principal, effective July 1. A story can be found here.

Ӣ Accepted the resignation of Assistant Superintendent Chad Schenck, effective June 30. A story can be found here.

Ӣ Accepted the resignations of Brad Wibbeler as the varsity baseball coach at the high school, Dee Nunamaker as the eighth-grade volleyball coach at Southridge Middle School, and Cheryl Dexter as an English as a New Language instructional assistant and Esperanza Rodriguez as a custodian, both at Huntingburg Elementary School. All resignations are effective immediately.

Ӣ Hired Sarah Rogers as a volleyball coach and Kevin Seib and Terry Jones as volunteer football coaches, all at the high school, and Steve Winkler and Scott Buening as summer school physical education teachers, Chad Sickbert as a summer agriculture teacher, Lannie Butler as a summer band teacher and Wendi Nurrenbern as a summer Title I professional development instructor, all for the corporation.

Ӣ Granted a maternity leave for Erica Hohl, a social studies teacher at the high school, from Aug. 7 through Sept. 30 and for Andrea Goeppner, a third-grade teacher at Holland Elementary School, from Aug. 7 through Sept. 18.

Ӣ Agreed to research opportunities to provide iPads for each corporation second-grade student beginning next school year. Huntingburg Elementary School Principal John Seger approached the board about raising the student book fees by $100 to cover the costs of the devices, but the board agreed it needed more time to decide whether to add that financial burden.

Ӣ Granted one-year contract extensions for high school athletic director Brett Bardwell and corporation English as a New Language instructor Beth Meece.

Ӣ Approved a 60-cent hourly wage increase for all classroom instructional assistants beginning with the coming school year.

Ӣ Approved a pay increase to $10.05 per hour for all corporation clerical staff beginning with the coming school year. All staff who are already paid $10.05 or more will receive a 25-cent hourly increase.

Ӣ As the local education agency for the Southern Indiana Education Center, granted a one-year contract extension for program Director Amy Gonnerman.

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