Meeting: Southeast Dubois Schools

The Southeast Dubois School Board met Wednesday and:

Heard a report from the corporation's nurse, Kellie Schroering, explaining that data related to COVID-19 cases is entered online and submitted to the state health department. So far, there have been no positive COVID-19 cases in the school district, but people have been identified as close contacts and have been sent home, she reported.

Accepted resignations from Kathy Meyer as custodian, Alicia Kunkler as student council advisor and Eric Herndon as instructional assistant at Cedar Crest Intermediate School, and Denise Durcholz as instructional assistant at Pine Ridge Elementary School.

Hired Grant Welp as varsity assistant boys basketball coach at Forest Park Junior-Senior High School, Cayden Knies as sixth-grade boys basketball coach, MaKenna Chumbley as sixth-grade cheer coach and Stannye Hasenour as sixth-grade girls basketball coach at Cedar Crest Intermediate School, Meredith Russel as a long-term substitute teacher and Brent Waninger to assist with mowing.

Transferred Michelle Furhman from an instructional assistant position to custodian.

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