Meeting set for Hoosier Boys State

JASPER — Jasper American Legion Post 147 is continuing to participate and financially support the American Legion Boys State Program conducted at Trine University in Angola from June 14 to 20.

Boys State Chairman Daniel Lawson will give a brief Power Point presentation for high school juniors from 9:40 to 10:10 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22, at Jasper High School. Participants will receive brochures and be able to ask questions of Boys State graduates.

Trine University is well equipped to care for the young men who attend Hoosier Boys State each year, with state-of-art housing facilities, a local hospital, athletic facilities and more.

The American Legion Boys State is a nationwide program providing young men the opportunity to immerse themselves in a week of theory, organizational experience, and practical application of the democratic process and form of government.

The Hoosier Boys State program provides the youth of Indiana a first-hand insight into the rights and responsibilities of a citizen of The United States of America. The program teaches the basic fundamentals, structure, and operation of our government, beginning at city level and extends through to state. The program then provides the young men at Hoosier Boys State with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in actual practice as they conduct the Hoosier Boys “State” in a real, application-oriented environment.

The Boys State Program is the premier program offered by The American Legion, Department of Indiana. More than 600 high school junior young men attend the annual week-long event. Attendees are chosen by various methods consisting of sponsoring organizations, high school teachers and counselors.

The staff of Hoosier Boys State is made up of more than 30 highly qualified and motivated individuals drawn from the Indiana educational community, professional career areas, Trine University and The American Legion.

The enrollment cost to attend Hoosier Boys State is $300 per delegate. This fee is paid in full by a sponsoring American Legion post and by community sponsors in cooperation with The American Legion. Since the conception of the program, many local organizations and individuals have sponsored delegates. Sponsorship request letters have been mailed out to local organizations, individuals and companies. Normally, the American Legion Post 147 raises enough funds to sponsor at least 20 local high school juniors to attend the program. Individual sponsorship is welcome and is tax deductible.

Approximately $13,000 in college scholarships was awarded to Hoosier Boys State citizens at last year’s Hoosier Boys State Session. The McHale, Kossa and Samsung scholarships are awarded to citizens based on their academic, social and Boys State activities and performance. A new $1,000 scholarship for the local 2019 attendees has be added. This scholarship will be presented to one of the local delegates who attend based upon their participation at Boys State.

A Hoosier Boys State Band is formed from among those who have high school or other musical experience. If a young man plays a musical instrument and wishes to play in the Hoosier Boys State Band, he must indicate his interest on his application card at the time it is filled out. Those attending Hoosier Boys State should bring their own instruments. The band is a marching band of nearly 100 musicians strong.

For further information on this and other children and youth programs offered by the American Legion Post 147, call Chairman Daniel B. Lawson at 812-661-2440 or email Specific information relating to Hoosier Boys State can be found at

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