Meeting: Northeast Dubois Schools

The Northeast Dubois School Board met Tuesday and:

• Heard that a countywide task force is working on plans to reopen schools in the fall. The task force will meet next week and hopes to finalize plans then.

• Heard that prom will be held on July 10 for Northeast Dubois High School juniors and seniors only.

• Heard that a commencement ceremony will be held on July 25 in the high school gym.

• Approved the Northeast Dubois County Middle School Building Corporation to issue tax-exempt bonds on the school corporation’s behalf for Phase II of the renovation at Northeast Dubois Junior-Senior High School, formerly Northeast Dubois High School. Schools use building corporations to fund large construction projects. During the project, the building corporation will take ownership of the portion of the school being renovated and take out the bonds for the project. The school corporation will lease the portion of the school from the building corporation, with lease payment equalling the amount needed to make bond payments.

• Approved posting two notices for hearings related to Phase II of the remodel at the junior-senior high school that will renovate the gym area and be paid for using a bond issue. Notices include the project determination hearing and the hearing on the lease agreement with the Northeast Dubois County Middle School Building Corporation.

• Approved pursuing permission from St. Celestine Catholic Church to use the soccer field at Celestine Elementary School during soccer season for the Dubois Youth Soccer League. The school facility will revert to the church on July 1.

• Approved bread and milk bids for the 2020-21 school year.

• Heard that Phase I of the remodel at the junior-senior high school is moving along and should be finished by the time students return to school. Phase I includes remodeling areas of the school to accommodate seventh and eighth grades beginning this fall.

• Held the first reading of board policy updates from Neola Inc., an independent organization that recommends policy and bylaw updates for member school boards.

• Heard that Celestine Elementary cook Teresa Knebel resigned.

• Hired English teacher Jessica Reinbold at the junior-senior high school; third through eighth grade computer science teacher Kim Hustedde at Northeast Dubois Intermediate School and the junior-senior high school; and third grade teacher Erica Voegerl at the intermediate school.

• Approved supplemental fees for the junior-senior high and intermediate schools for the 2020-21 school year.

• Approved pay increments and increases for classified staff.

• Approved the disposal of surplus equipment that is no longer working and has no salvage value.

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