Meeting: Northeast Dubois Schools

The Northeast Dubois School Board met Friday and:

• Approved the following slate of officers for 2019: Mary Pankey, president; Bernard Knies, vice president; Kelly Knies, secretary; John Siebert legislative liaison.

• Appointed DeAnn Meyer as corporation treasurer for 2019 and set her bond at $50,000. The bond protects the corporation against financial crimes.

• Appointed Gretchen Brinkman as corporation deputy treasurer and set her bond at $50,000.

• Appointed Art Nordhoff Jr. as the board’s attorney for 2019 with a retainer of $7,000.

• Set the board meetings for the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the corporation office, 5379 E. Main St., Dubois.

• Set the board member annual salary at $2,000.

• Elected John Siebert president and Brennan Schepers secretary of the Board of Finance. The two will receive monthly cash and appropriations reports detailing the corporation’s finances.

• Hired special education assistants Julie Kelley at Dubois Middle School and Seidina Wyland at Dubois Elementary School.

• Approved the resignation of special education assistant Hannah Enlow at Dubois Elementary.

• Heard that there will be no school on Friday as teachers will be completing ILEARN training in conjunction with the state’s new standardized test. Teachers who do not teach grades with state testing will complete other professional development work that day.

• Heard that there will be no school on Monday, Jan. 21, as that is a teacher in-service day.

• Heard that preschool registration will be from 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 24, at Dubois Elementary.

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