Meeting: North Spencer Schools

The North Spencer School Board met Monday and:

• Held a work session on the 2021 budget.

• Approved the following resignations: instructional assistant Jody Michael Galyan at Chrisney Elementary; head cook Marcia Kaetzel at David Turnham Education Center; head cook Amanda Bell, cafeteria assistant Brenda Kress, and instructional assistant Kim Nelson at Nancy Hanks Elementary; football coaches Ethan Griepenstroh and Logan Wilkerson and basketball coach Dillion Gregory at Heritage Hills Middle School; cafeteria assistant Courtney Braden-Foster at Heritage Hills High School; and health clinic aide Amber Taylor for the corporation.

• Approved the following appointments: preschool instructional assistant Michelle Forston, instructional assistant Maria Koch and preschool instructional assistant and after school care assistant Sammy Dougan at Chrisney Elementary; head cook Desiree Hartwick and evening custodian James Lawrence at David Turnham; instructional assistants Sheila Harding, Tabitha Albertson and Dalela Judd at Lincoln Trail; instructional assistant Riley Spencer, head cook Stephanie Barnett and cafeteria assistant Phaedra Savage at Nancy Hanks; instructional assistants Wynne Curtsinger and Alexandria Wheeler and football coaches Jared Boehm and Cade Jones at the middle school; cafeteria assistants Arella Sanders, Libbi Huffman and Marie Masterson at the high school; and health clinic aide Mary Fraim for the corporation.

• Approved additional layers of compensation for health clinic staff in the North Spencer Non-Certified Personnel Wage and Benefits Scale.

• Heard a report on current and upcoming facilities maintenance projects from The Stenftenagel Group, which serves as Clerk of the Works for the corporation.

• Approved the resolution approving the form of the lease and the resolution reapproving the building corporation for the upcoming renovation projects at the corporation's elementary schools.

• Held a public hearing on the lease agreement with the building corporation for the upcoming renovation projects at the corporation's elementary schools.

• Approved the monthly transfer of $100,000 from the education fund to the operations fund.

• Approved splitting the cost of new lockers from OFS of Huntingburg in the boys basketball locker room with the basketball program. The school's portion will be $5,822.

• Approved the Pandemic/Epidemic Events Policy.

• Approved the North Spencer County School Corporation WiFi Hotspot Checkout Agreement. The agreement will allow students without internet access at home to check out a hotspot to take home.

• Approved reducing the Education Fund 2020 budget appropriation by $800,000. The appropriation reeducation will allow the corporation to carry a larger balance in the education fund into 2021.

• Approved the following facilities use requests: the Spencer County Relay for Life to use Chrisney Elementary for a drive-thru meal fundraiser on Sept. 8; the Tri-County YMCA to use the corporation elementary schools playgrounds and outdoor areas for a STRIDE program from September to November; the North Spencer Soccer Association to use the high school soccer fields as available from August 2020 to June 2021; and Minutemen Football to use corporation outdoor areas and the high school football fields as available from August to October.

• Heard an update on COVID-19 policies and plans for the corporation.

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