Meeting: North Spencer Schools

The North Spencer School Board met Friday, July 10, and:

• Discussed the school re-entry plan that was released Monday. It can be found at The administrative teams will refine the plan on Aug. 4.

• Approved the resignations of special education teacher Brittany Forler, secretary Susan Roos, head cook Jennifer Lindsey and evening custodian Jayden Reyes at Chrisney Elementary.

• Approved the following appointments: special education teacher Megan Stapleton, teacher Katelyn Wead and health clinic aide Jennifer Inman for the corporation; secretary Gerri Ford, head cook Jennifer Cohoon and evening custodian Jennifer Lindsey at Chrisney Elementary; instructional assistant Leigh Duncan at Lincoln Trail Elementary; language arts teacher Sylvia Leffert at Heritage Hills Middle School; and nurse Lisa York, temporary teacher and instructional assistant Andrew Roos, volunteer boys tennis coach Matt Bell and volunteer basketball coaches Derek Prior, Klay Kress, Jade Winchell, Rusty Keltner and Mike Sisley at Heritage Hills High School.

• Heard an update on the temporary transfer of funds from the rainy day fund to the debt service fund. The June tax collection was sufficient to cover the debt service payment, so the transferred money was redeposited to the rainy day fund.

• Heard that there was not a need to make a transfer from the education fund to the operations fund for the month of July.

• Heard that the July 27 school board meeting was canceled.

• Reviewed goals for the 2019-20 school year.

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